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Amana home appliance repair service

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For over fifty years, the Amana brand has offered a broad range of home appliances: from the washer to the dishwasher, through models of refrigerators, the brand has illustrated itself through the durability of its products.

It combines original designs with the high quality of its products, in line with the aesthetic standards of the times. Being the first company to be certified ISO 9001, Amana stands as a leader in the field of home appliances, notably by offering models of refrigerators that are built-in, thanks to a system of concealed hinges. The company thus designs a range of electrical appliances with refined, modern and always aesthetic lines while never sacrificing the quality of the brands different products.

Our repair team, through professional training as well as its knowledge of the products's brand, will answer all of your questions and repair all your Amana home appliances.