Repairs and Maintaining a Clean Dishwasher Tips:

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Dishwashers tend to be one of the higher maintenance major appliances in today's high tech. Some of the following tips will help decrease your need for costly repairs.

If you choose to use your dishwasher as a garburator then you will run the risk of a higher likelihood of problems and costly repairs as a result of the unit plugging up in various areas with fine food particles. This is specific to the models, as they all face different problems. As well, certain components will tend to wear our prematurely.

Dishes do not need to be rinsed, as every one thinks. But larger items need or should be scraped off the dishes and shower off in to the disposer prior to their placement into the dishwasher. Objects such as seeds, toothpicks, and paper labels from containers should be kept away from entering dishwasher pump and drain path system.

Be sure to use a quality detergent in combination with hot water. Which consequently will result in better performance. We recommend Quantum tabs detergent with power ball with jet-dry rinse agent.

In addition, have your dishwasher cleaned by using GLISTEN (dishwasher washer). Available at Winn Dixie, Publix and BJ's.