Freezer Tips and Repairs: Chest, Upright Automatic Defrost and Manual Defrost

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A deep freeze is designed to run colder than a fridge freezer and is excellent for long term storage of many types of foods provided they are packaged properly. Typically a freezer should be set anywhere between -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two common freezer designs:

1) The upright freezer is convenient to access and requires less space as it is vertical like a refrigerator. Uprights however, are less efficient since every time you open the door the cold air tends to pour out. Many upright are now available in frost free versions, this is a practical feature that uses further energy for the defrost cycle. The freezer rises in temperature slightly and when the defrost cycle is complete, the compressor must turn on in order to bring the temperature down to the desire settings.

2) The chest freezer has been around since most of us can remember, it is a simple design that works well and typically does not require service for many years. Possibly not as convenient as the upright, or on the other hand, uses less energy and usually cost less to purchase and has more storage capacity for the same cubic footage when compared to an upright.