Refrigerator Tips & Repairs: Bottom Mount Freezer, Top Mount Freezer and Side by Side.

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Refrigerators; Require condenser coils to be periodically cleaned or the efficiency will be negatively effected and the life certain components such as the compressor will be shortened. The condenser on older models was previously located on the back of the fridge. However, on newer models you will typically located the condenser at the base of the fridge, which you can access by removing the bottom kick plate (trim).

However, some new models do require pulling the fridge out to access the condenser from the rear. The cleaning is subject to your home environment. For example, those home with pets will require more frequent cleaning. It is also recommended to consult the owner's manual as to the proper procedure to clean these coils or any other components. If you are not comfortable doing such maintenance and repairs, it is advice to bring in a technician periodically as per your owner's manual.