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Gas appliance repair service

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After successfully completing a professional training course, our technicians are certified so they are able to safely repair propane & natural gas appliances. That means they can diagnose and repair problems for all sorts of natural gas appliances: dryers, stoves, cooktops, and built-in ovens.

After carefully examining your appliance, our technician will take the time to explain the root of the problem in precise and easy-to-understand terms. He will also provide you with a clear estimate of the costs so you can make the best decision for your needs. Because sometimes it's better to replace the appliance rather than repair it.

Our technicians are specifically trained to meet all your repair and installation needs

So if your propane or your natural gas stove, cooktop, or built-in oven stops working, if a burner doesn't produce heat, if it can't keep a constant temperature, if the self-cleaning function is causing problems, if the pilot lights keep going out or you can smell gas, if your gas dryer stops working, doesn't heat properly or the drum isn't turning, if the dryer is too loud or stains your clothes, or if it smells like gas, contact us right away.